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The Bail Process

When a person has been arrested and charged with a crime, the courts will usually set a bail amount.  That is when you should call Atwater Bail Bonds to get your loved one out of jail immediately.  We can often have them out of jail in time for dinner.  


The court may set a bond as one of three general types:


Cash or Surety

Cash or Surety 10%

Cash Only


A cash or surety bond means that any individual could go to the jail and pay the full bond amount in cash.  Or, if you go through a surety (another word for bail bondsman), they will post a bond in the amount of whatever the full bond amount is, and you would pay a fee (typically between 10-20% of the full bond amount) to the bail bondsman for them posting the surety bond.

Example – on a $10,000 bond, any individual could pay $10,000 at the jail, or a bondsman will have to write a check to the court for $10,000 to get you out of jail.  The fee for the bondsman would be 10% of $10,000, in other words $1,000 you would have to pay to get bonded out.

A cash or surety 10% bond means that any individual could go to the jail with 10% of the total bond amount in cash, or if going through a bail bondsman, the bondsman writes the bond as 25% of the total bond amount, charging standard rates on that amount. 


Example – on a $10,000 10% bond, any person could pay $1,000 to get the person out of jail, or a bail bondsman would write their bond for $2,500 (25% of the total $10,000 bond amount), and then the fee would typically be 10-15% of what the $2,500 bond the agent writes (a fee of $250-350).


A cash only bond means that for that particular bond, the person can only be let out of jail on it if somebody pays that amount in cash at the jail.  A bail bondsman cannot post a bond for a cash only bond.  Unless it is for unpaid child support, these bonds are often changed into cash or surety bonds, where a bail bondsman can post a bond for it. 

We are happy to work for you to figure out exactly what type of bond a person has and what it will take to get your loved one out of jail.  Just give us a call at (269) 355-6865 to put us to work for you!

With a simple phone call, we will take care of the rest.  On the call, we will need to get some basic information from you - such as what your relation is to the defendant, how long you've lived at your current residence, and how long you've been at your present job.  Then you will just need to meet us at the jail for immediate bail of your loved one (we can generally email or fax documents so you don't have to meet us at the jail).

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