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Monroe County Bail Bonds Resources

It has been a pleasure to be bail bondsmen in Monroe County.  While we understand it is not generally a great time if you're in need of a bail bondsman, we do our best to make it is as easy a situation as possible for you.  Here are some resources that can assist you if you're using a bail bondsman in Monroe County:

1st District Court 
Monroe, Michigan  48161


Fax 734-240-7098

38th Circuit Court

Monroe County Circuit Court                 
106 E First St
Monroe, MI 48161  

Monroe County Probate Court
106 E First Street
Monroe, Michigan 48161
Fax 734-240-7355
Fax 734-240-7354
Hours Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - Noon and 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM

S. Joseph Hudson III, Friend of the Court 
106 E First St 
Monroe, MI  48162 
Phone (734) 240-7180 
Fax (734) 240-7221 

Monroe County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Dale Malone
100 E Second St, Monroe, MI 48161
Law Enforcement: (734) 240-7700
Inmate Information: (734) 240-7430

Main Jail Facility
100 E 2nd St
Monroe, MI  48161
Telephone: (734) 240-7430

Dormitory Facility
7000 E Dunbar Rd
Monroe, MI  48161
Telephone: (734) 240-8000

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